Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Pom Trim Scarf tutorial

When I saw Blake Lively in this month's Instyle magazine, her scarf caught my eye instantly. I usually think pom trims are ridiculous but she made the scarf look so chic, that I actually liked it and really wanted it.

In my ever-expanding fabric stash I had the perfect piece of similar fabric so this DIY was super quick and easy. A day project at most.

DIY Pom Trim Scarf tutorial

Square piece of fabric the size you want the scarf to be- mine was 50 x 36
Pom trim-length depends on how big your fabric is
Tacky Glue and pins

When picking your fabric, I suggest choosing something where the print is on both sides. It will look better this way and you won't be worried about whether the underside is showing all the time.

Start by pinning the trim all along the fabric.

Around the corners I just kind of folded the trim back upon itself to make a nice corner. Kind of like hospital corners on a bed.

Once all the trim is pinned on I went ahead and started gluing the trim on. The fabric I used is like a chiffon and I'm not good at sewing that type of fabric so I chose to use glue instead. If my fabric would have been a cotton I most definitely would have sewed it instead.

Gluing the trim was really easy. I just worked in small sections, removing the pins and using a thin line of glue working slowly around the entire piece of fabric.

Because I wasn't sewing the scarf I didn't hem the raw edge, so when I glued the fabric to the trim I had to make sure the edge was sealed within the glue so that it didn't fray.

I glued all the straight edges first saving the corners for last. They take a little work but I just made sure the trim was glued into a nice corner first and then I glued the fabric to the already glued corner. To make sure the glue held, I put a pin or two through the corner and the fabric to keep it together as it dried.

Once the trim is all glued I let the scarf dry overnight.

I checked it in the morning to make sure everything was attached well and trimmed up any loose strings from the fabric that may have been frayed a bit before I glued it.


DIY Pom Trim Scarf tutorial

DIY Pom Trim Scarf tutorial

DIY Pom Trim Scarf tutorial

I think this scarf is fabulous. I love that it's fun while still being very chic.


alibrin9 said... Reply to comment

I've been sort of indifferent with the pom pom scarf trend but I really like the understated colors in the one you chose to make.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

What were the dimensions of your scarf???

WobiSobi said... Reply to comment

Beautiful!!! I love it!

Amanda said... Reply to comment


The dimensions of my scarf were 50 x 36.


LeiShell said... Reply to comment

Super cute DIY idea. You are so creative!

Julie said... Reply to comment

I just made this for my daughter for Chirstmas. I used a very light weight cotton yellow and white stripe. My pom poms look to be about your size, but if I did this again I would go with a gauzier type fabric and use 3/4 inch pom poms. Mine make the scarf a little heavy, but overall I'm very pleased with it and I think it is fun.

Jennifer said... Reply to comment

I love this tutorial and thought it was lovely. I have featured it in my post on spring DIY projects:

Jill said... Reply to comment

Just seen this on Pinterest while looking for some ideas to make for Christmas presents, thank you for sharing the tutorial, I think the scarf will be perfect for my niece.

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