Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Subway Magnets DIY

Although I usually come up with my own DIY ideas, I'm still always on the lookout for cool DIY projects to try from other people. The internet is full of fantastic ideas and I found this one on Pinterest, so I now have two projects from there that I've actually completed.

I have tons of mementos from when I lived in Paris that because I don't have a purpose for them, have to be stored in a box in my closet. When I saw this idea for Subway magnets over at Cup of Delight I knew it was a perfect project for some of the maps I collected during my stay.

Because I couldn't find the exact supplies she used I had to improvise a little but regardless the magnets came out just as cute. It was a quick and extremely inexpensive project that has awesome results.

I love this idea and I love it even more because it's a great way to use mementos that would otherwise get stored away. Now I wanna try it with some of my New York City maps because I have tons of those as well.



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