Archery is a sport where you shoot an arrow using a bow. The word archery came from a latin word, arcus. An archer is a person who participates in archery. Experts or people who are fond of this activity are called a toxophilites.

Bows and arrows were invented during the early Mesolithic or late Paleolithic perio d.The oldest sign of its use was about 10,000-9,000 BC. The arrows were made with a main shaft and a fore shaft. A bow is a long staff that has string attached to it. Stabilizers are also used and are mounted on some points of the bow. It aids in aiming by helping balance the bow. These stabilizers reduce the noise and vibration of the bow. There are two major types of bows, namely the Composite Recurve Shortbow or Horse bow, and the Longbow.

archery target

The average size of a shortbow is between 110 to 140 cm, while its maximum length measures 150 cm. They were used essentially from horseback. The center of the bow is made out from wood, similar with a longbow. It is made from three materials that’s why it is called composite. A thumb release is used to have a bigger control over the arrow.

A longbow is very quick and simple to make. It can be made from a long, straight wood that is usually equal to the height of the user.

There are different aiming methods used in archery. Instinctive method is the natural way of shooting a bow. The shooter will have a sight picture as the target. Visual focus must remain 100% on the target. Point of aim shooting is the only method to use if you are a skillful shooter. Proper sight alignment, stance, breath and trigger control is needed with this method.

Archers wear protective equipment, also known as a bracer or arm guard. It is used to protect the inner part of the bow arm. It also prevents the clothes from catching the bow string. Some archers wear other protections for their chests, known as chest guards.

These targets come in different shapes, forms and sizes. They often look like animals. With the use of modern technology, 3D printing is now used to create these animal targets. Materials that are used in making these targets include foams, cardboards, papers, and resins for 3D printing.

If you want to have a least expensive target. There are ways to make your own. Cardboard boxes can be stuffed with used plastic bags. Foams used clothes can also be an alternative. Close the box completely using a duct tape or packing tape. Targets made from wood will last longer than cardboards. It is more expensive. Hay targets are cheap to build like the cardboard. It would also last quite a while. A puzzle mat can also be used to make an archery target.

In the past, archery has been used for combat and hunting. Bow hunting differs from hunting with the use of firearms. Today, archery is considered a recreational activity and a sport. It involves shooting arrows at the target from different distance or distances.